Corporate Video

Commercial Video

Advanced Visuals Productions offers commercial video production for your video production needs including commercials, documentaries, news, etc. Our commercial production services include the producing, directing and post-production of your commercial video.

Corporate Video

Advanced Visuals Productions offers full video production services for corporate videos, training videos, seminars and the likes. From medical videos to business seminars, Advanced Visuals Productions can provide you with the services you need.

Live Event / News

In addition to producing and staging the action, Advanced Visuals also offers services to cover such events as live news coverage, press conferences, speeches and the likes. Whether it’s a visiting politician, a sports team owner or an executive making a speech or giving a press conference, Advanced Visuals can cover the event with both video and audio of premium quality.

Sports Video

Whether it’s football, hockey, baseball, basketball, lacrosse or any other sport, Advanced Visuals Productions can provide professional coverage to capture all of the action. Advanced Visuals offers one-camera coverage or multi-camera coverage depending on your needs whether it is professional sports, college, high-school or any other league, your sporting events can be covered with very high quality, professional coverage.