I am the producer of the video “Caring For A Handicapped Pet: A Holistic Approach” (copyright 2002 Sheba The Quad Dog Productions). Advanced Visuals filmed the video and did a great job. The videographer pleasantly worked with both humans and the special needs German Shepherd, Sheba, filmed in the documentary. Thank you Advanced Visuals.

– Deborah Kazsimer

We LOVED the video. It exceeded our expectations. Having parents and guests make comments made the video more personalized to us. We will recommend Advanced Visuals.

– Tina and Jake

I thought the video was excellent. Thanks to you, I was able to see all of the things I missed. The interviews with the parents, I really enjoyed.

– Sue and Brian

We could not have been happier with our video. It covered everything – not just the major important moments, but the adorable little moments as well. The video completely exceeded our expectations. I liked that you interviewed our parents and grandparents. That was very sweet.

– Sharon and Matthew

Eric and I loved the video. My family and friends thought it was wonderful. Words cannot explain how pleased we are with the video. Eric and I loved how you took our family and friends aside and interviewed them. That really meant a lot to us. The video was so clear and wonderful to watch. Advanced Visuals was great! – very down to earth and professional. We would recommend Advanced Visuals in the future.

– Stacy

Amber and I are extremely pleased with the quality of the video. We have already viewed it several times and are happy that we have our memories on tape to view for the rest of our lives. The video you created exceeded our expectations based on capturing the candid moments of our wedding. The segment when we arrived at the reception hall was breathtaking! You did a fantastic job in capturing the colors of the season and the emotions of the wedding party.

– Amber and Walt

Great, loved it. Overall, great job! Great editing, it fit the music well. We loved how you made shots slow motion.

– Diana and Ronald

Outstanding!!! Both Lisa and I as well as our families were very, very impressed with the entire video. Great use of music and slow motion. Expectations were exceeded.

– Lisa and Erik

Tasteful, professional – story was depicted well – variety of angles, professionally done, smooth transitions. Expectations were exceeded. We loved the video and working with Advanced Visuals.

– Neyrchel and Stephen

We were pleased and very impressed with the video. It captured all the special moments. We loved that it also included the church before guests arriving. We loved that you captured us arriving as well. We also loved that while the photographer took pictures, you also videotaped it, we thought that was awesome. You most definitely exceeded our expectations and the music selection was perfect.

– Loretta and Jason

I am so happy with all the service. I watch our video everyday.

– Dana

Wonderful videographers! Kind and talented. They captured my day wonderfully.

– Aubrey

Our videographer, Tim, was extremely polite and cordial and accommodating on the ‘big’ day. We all appreciated that!

– Gretchen